Your “Sixth Day”…



Your “Sixth Day”

And God Saw Everything He Made….And Behold, It Was Very Good! 

On the Sixth Day, the Bible said; God created the “creatures of the land” including Man.  While I don’t claim to be omnipotent, I think I can kind of see where the Big Man is coming from.  There is an element of security when you complete a task.  A “done-ness” that sweeps over your psyche once you know that you have completed a big task.  If you have done it well, you have the self satisfaction of knowing you can rest, with a job well done.

Perhaps you are feeling that way about now.  I know that I am.  In my position as both a blogger for TenMinuteSkill, as well as a podcaster on The Red Pill Investor, I can personally attest to the feeling of completion that comes from a long period of extended work.

For me, my “Sixth Day” was my culmination of the entire Red Pill Sales System into a singular book.  It was a completion of a promise made to others to teach what I could to help others in the field of Real Estate Sales.

Your “Sixth Day” is that point where you reached the completion of a goal, or timeline.  For many of us in the Real Estate Sales field, we use the end of the year as a benchmark to determine our progress for the year.

If our goal was a certain dollar amount, or a certain number of transactions, we oftentimes use December 31st as a judge of our creation.

The Seventh Day

No matter what your occupation, or station in life, chances are you have some form of goals.  Goals you have set for yourself, or dreams you want to achieve.

You could say “oh Karl, I don’t have time to think of all that!  I’m just trying to get through today!”   Even though that may be your current situation, you probably still have some kind of dream.  Even if your dream is going to Bora Bora! That too is a goal!

Goals are dreams with timelines…

Realizing this, that you are a “goal seeking organism”, it makes sense to think ahead!  Now I am not going to bore you with details about how you should plan. You already know that!

I think however, what is important to realize is what you do on that “Sixth Day”  is there to prepare you for the Goal that is your Seventh!

The “Seventh Day” of rest in the Bible was described as a rest for the Lord after a hard week’s worth of work.  If you will notice in the creation story, the Bible depicts that on the Sixth day, all the creatures of the land, the fields were given to Man for their enjoyment and supplement.

While we cannot depend on an external force to supply our every need, I believe it is prudent to think, as early Adam must have; “What must I do to survive and thrive?!  I’m not a farmer!”  With that thought in mind, I would like to share a few helpful ideas!

Idea 1.  Think Outside the Box.

There is no way, in my thinking, that you can have a significant change in your business, or your life without taking massive action, and being willing to get uncomfortable.  To do this effectively, you must take every step you can to think outside what you would normally do.  For example… if you have a goal to go to say Bora Bora, (for the sake of argument), then starting taking the steps necessary to achieve that goal.

Some of those steps may include getting a passport, getting travel brochures, starting an independent savings account for that, purchasing plane tickets in advance, and more.

It is the things that we do that make us uncomfortable, that make us stronger.


Idea 2.  Swing with a Bigger Bat

In the pursuit of your goals, it is critical that you “swing with a bigger bat.”  Metaphorically speaking, the idea I am trying to convey is that before a batter goes up to bat, they always take a few practice swings in the practice area.

If you look closely, the batter has a little weight on the end of his bat.  This weight is meant to increase the perceived resistance of the bat as it is swung to hit the ball.

Before the batter goes up to swing, he removes the weight, and suddenly, the bat is “lighter than air.”  Obviously, the original weight of the bat has not changed; just the perception of the batter themselves.

Sure, the weight that they were using is now removed, but the bat itself, remains intact.  With the perceived “lighter than air” bat, the batter’s muscles are trained to respond to the heavier bat.  Result?  Home RUN! 

Your mind operates off a similar principle.  When you are planning your impossible goal, or trying to achieve some important milestone in your life; plan for “overkill!” If you really want to knock your “ball out of the park” and get your dreams, the prepare for the worst!

You see, when your mind is working on overtime finding all the possible problems, and finding solutions in advance to them, you become mentally unstoppable!

Think about the confidence that is yours for the taking when you simply prepare!  In my experience teaching everyday people how to flip or wholesale property for a career,I teach them the words to say, the dialogues to use, and techniques to help their customers!

Many times, that is the biggest stumbling block.  As I tell them, “when you know what to say, the fear goes away!”

Swing with a bigger bat!  Think of problems that you may encounter along the way to achieving your goal, and you will undoubtedly find success!

Idea 3.  There is No Such Thing As Overkill

In the biblical account of creation, we are told that God created all manner of birds, fowl, animals, plants and other methods for Adam and Eve to survive.  He didn’t just give them fish sticks!  He didn’t give them only hamburgers!

He gave them plenty of options to make sure they would never go hungry or thirsty.  Additionally, they would have many permutations that they could combine to give them the endless choices that people would want!

In this similar way, don’t just assume that “you are what you are”.  For me personally, it was the realization that I as a Realtor® could help list and sell property; but I could also invest on my own.

One of the most frustrating parts of being a Realtor® for me is the uncertainty that it brings.  Honestly speaking, you must have a constant stream of clients to do business with to ensure that you will get paid.

Unfortunately, I see so many Realtors® falling into the trap of having only one or two customers at a time, only to have one of them fail to close when it counts.

When you develop the skills to work as your OWN client, a Realtor®/Investor or Wholesaling Realtor®, then you are able to start to “call your own shots.”

As a person who is not a Realtor® and has no interest in Real estate, this principle could apply to you as well!  On your “Sixth Day”, when everything is coming together and you are working like a madman on your goals, you must think of alternative ways to get your goals.

Examples of Overkill Could Be:

  1. Multiple Accountability Partners (Someone you can trust to keep you on track!)
  2. Written Goals, Dream Boards, and Dream Books! (Cut and paste the things you want to Be, Do, or Have, in life!)
  3. Multiple streams of income (get a second job, learn a new skill, learn how to market online!)
  4. Automatic Deductions (set up electronic fund transfers automatically to your savings account for your Bora Bora Trip!)

Those are just a few of the ideas that you can begin to implement to get your dreams.  The sky literally is the limit on what you can do, and what you could achieve!

Work Like Hell To Enjoy Heaven On Earth

If there is one thing I have learned from Coaching some America’s best Realtors® and Investors, its this.  They work like hell! Don’t misunderstand me, they don’t necessarily work extremely long hours; or miss their families.

What I am referring to is that they (Like God) work like hell to implement their plan on their “Sixth Day” (the times when they are putting it all together!) so that they can enjoy their little “piece of heaven!”

One of my clients has spent an entire month visiting his family in Colombia, all the while closing transactions in his home state of North Carolina.  That, to me, is heaven on earth.

Spending Christmastime, and New Years with family without worrying about where your next check is coming from.  For him, it took a lot of planning, and execution during his “Sixth Day” in order to observe his “Seventh Day” rest.

My question to you is simple.  What are you going to do differently in 2015?  What is your “Sixth Day” going to look like?  More importantly, tell me about your SEVENTH Day!  Are you going to go scuba diving?

Stay tuned friends!



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