What I Intend To Do…

Now What Are You Going To Do? 

shield-492989_1280I don’t know if this post is written for you, or more for me.  I wanted to write down a few thoughts about this question.  “Now What are you going to do?”

Generally this question is reserved for the end of the year, looking forward to a new one; or after a period of extreme duress or stress.  Usually its asked by those who care about us, or ourselves during a period of self reflection.

I’ve had the unique opportunity to have both of these situations occur.  On one hand, I’ve had a period of extreme duress (loss of my mother) and stress (a period of not achieving the goals I’ve set for myself).

On the other hand, it’s a New Year, and the question that my loved ones, my audience, my co-workers, and doubtless my boss want to know the answer to this question… Now, what are you going to do?

Fair Questions Deserve Fair Answers.

In periods of asking yourself these questions, and the self introspection that comes from determining their answers, one must be honest. These are honest questions that are fairly asked, which deserves a fair, well thought out answer.

In my “season of distress” I’ve made some unproductive choices.  I will be honest about that.  I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that I’ve not handled things in my life as well as I could have.

However, because those who love you, who care about you ask the question; it is incumbent (I believe) to answer them.  To those who would find themselves asking the question, I can only share with you what I intend to do.

As I think we only have our minds to claim as our own, it is important to share with you the intentions of my heart and mind.  With the hope that you will do the same…

Begin, to intend.  With any plan, or any design of man, it always begins with out intentions.  Here are mine.

Clean Up

My intent to “clean up” is more than a simple haircut or brushing my teeth!  That’s expected.  What I mean is to understand that I must “clean up” my life.  Discover the areas that are not serving me, or are unproductive, and “Clean Up” as I can.

There are only three things in life.  Fear, Ego, and Love.  When you remove Fear and Ego, the only thing that remains is Love.

I intend to clean up the areas of my life where I am fearful, where my ego tears others down, and all the destructive spawn they create.

It will not be easy.  It’s not as simple as waving a wand over your life and banishing the “demons into pigs.”  All you do then is cause hate to go elsewhere.

Rather, I intend to “clean up” the feelings that cause the self destructive choices, or egotistical beliefs that are stopping me from living my life to it’s true potentiality.

Dress Up

More than shining my shoes, and wearing my suits; “Dressing Up” refers to my intent to prepare.  I recognize that my journey to a fully realized life will not come without challenges.

It’s my belief that I have spent so much time on the “Shit that Happens to You” versus “How I Respond To The Shit That Happens To You”  category that it’s difficult to discern the two.


Just as the Yin and Yang of the Orient, there are two things that happen in life.  The things that happen to you, and our ability to respond to the things that happen to us.

I have spent years, forget that… a lifetime of making plans, trying to wrestle with a future, trying to create endless systems to influence my future.  To effectively handle the “shit that happens to you”.

However, I’ve spent frightfully little time working on the other side of the equation.  The “How I Respond To The Shit That Happens To You.”

You see,  I am coming to the belief that I worked a little harder at preparing myself mentally for the challenges ahead…  to handle them with grace and perseverance; I might actually have a little easier time.

The mechanics of “going with the flow” are evident. Obviously, there are times to fight.  There is a season for struggle.  However, there is also a time to prepare.  To do the “inner work” to make sure you and I are ready for the benefits that come from our labors.

The benefits that come from “dressing up” mentally for success, as well as failure are clear.  It’s peace of mind.

Show Up

Perhaps the hardest part of all.   One can have the best intentions, get cleaned up, mentally prepared for the good, as well as the disappointing; and still fail for not showing up.

It’s difficulty is not to be underestimated.  Your mind can present all sorts of various horrible thoughts about what could happen.  It rarely tells you the equally possible GOOD things that could happen.

“Showing Up” is truly a mind game.  You must literally will your mind into action.  Sometimes showing up is forced upon you because you are left with no other choices TO make.  Sometimes, you showing up is simply repayment for the kindness of others.  

Regardless of the reasons for showing up, it is important that you remain true to your inner desire.   There perhaps is nothing worse than living in a hell of your own creation.  I know for myself, many times that was being a REO Agent.

A man I heard on a podcast one time had a unique way of putting it.  He said…

“I admired what I did, I just didn’t respect who I was.

While I don’t know the name of the person who said it, it resonated with me.  It vibrated in the core of my being.  I admired being a Realtor®, I just didn’t respect who I was… throwing single mothers with kids, the elderly, the infirm, out of their homes because a bank had foreclosed on them.

Feeling as though I had sold my soul “to the Man” when I discovered the banks had fraudulently foreclosed on some.  I felt as though my skills as a salesperson, as a Realtor®, were used inappropriately.

I won’t say that I was entirely innocent.  I knew where and what that money came from.  So it’s not like I can say that I was blameless.

“Showing Up” for me now means an entirely different thing.  I want to still represent customers and clients, as well as myself when buying property in Tucson, but I must do it differently in order to maintain my self respect.

So I intend to “will my mind into action” ; however with a different direction.  My intent this year, is to help as many families as I can in Real Estate.  Whether that be through spreading the word about how to use sales skills to build a career through my podcast; or Realtors® building teams to help other families across the United States; or even local homeowners and homebuyers who are looking to buy and sell.

It Begins With Intent and Ends With Accountability

Now, I recognize that I am going to have a difficult time.  Dozens of challenges stand in my way.  However, I also recognize the “ace in the hole” that I have.  You.

Many of you have been kind enough to send me your goals for the year.   Others have sent in their goals with requests for accountability. I will do my best to help hold you accountable.

For me, I will share with you my experiences, my journey, and my results.  I would love your accountability as well…

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