Investor Carrot Experiment Post 1. The Last Easy Day

The Last Easy Day Was Yesterday 

I couldn’t think of a easy title for this.  Other than to call it what it is.  As you know, I am testing Investor Carrot’s ability to generate not only prospects, but actual leads.  People who will sign contracts within 7 days!

To be fair, I am already a believer in Investor Carrot.  I am an affiliate (of course!) because I believe in the product.  However this “Experiment” is to demonstrate what I believe is “on the horizon” for the Real Estate Professional.  Whether they are a Realtor® or an Investor, I believe that when you combine a powerful blog with relevant content, compelling automatic followup systems, and a naturally converting website; you and the customer both win.

So in each post, I will outline a bit of what I am doing to promote the site, blogs I’ve posted, etc.  So you can see for yourself (look over my shoulder) as I do it.   Along the way, I will give you visual proof of any effects I’ve received.

So Let’s Begin!

To start off, to be fair, I’ve had my site for 3 months now.  That way it’s halfway optimized (working on the other half now), it’s a pretty fair comparison to a mailer.  It’s February, so typical market for pretty much everyone.  A halfway optimized site versus directed mailing.  Let’s go!

To start off, my main strategy is to get leads pumping immediately!  Since I know that Craigslist has great “Stickability” on the web, and Google’s search engines Love, love, LOVE content, I need to get something that is relevant to the consumer out there right away! 

Enter Craigslist

Now, before you pooh pooh the idea of  “Craigslist” saying to yourself  “ugh… Craigslist never works for me!”  then stay tuned!  I’m gonna show you the ad I ran, that located a motivated, zero mortgage homeowner, set the appointment, and got me in the door for free, and we are only a few days into the experiment!

On Craigslist, if you understand that people look at Craigslist from a “passerby” point of view, then you will be miles ahead of your competition. RTO HandymanSpecial

The average person looking at Craigslist does so only on their lunch hour or shortly after dinner.  They look at images and headlines. Therefore, your image must be catchy, and the headline appealing! For example!

Now, obviously the question becomes “Why Rent to Own?”  The answer is obvious!  People think in linear terms. If they cannot get something done one way, then they begin to search for alternative ways to sell a home.  In this case, we are looking for someone on the edges of selling, or has tried, and it didn’t work out.

Similar terms like Handyman Seeking Fixups etc. are also handy!

Either way you go, you are looking for motivation.

What Happens

Typically, either a person perusing Craigslist will have something that may meet that criteria (assuming they are considering selling) or know someone who will.  It is not uncommon to receive emails from others who will point you in the right direction!

CL Response

When you receive these types of emails, many times, they aren’t even on the market yet!

These types of leads are good for many reasons.  These types of leads turn into great appointments!

So early on in this “self imposed” challenge, I already have one viable lead.  I did in fact call her today and set an appointment.  The call itself was filled with objections and concerns!


Are You Those “We Buy Ugly Houses” Guys?

That was just one of the questions she asked!  In a 22 minute conversation, she outlined her distrust of many people, but went into great detail about her true motivation about selling.  I discovered that she has a great equity position, sufficient motivation to make a “soft appointment” for Monday, and will keep you posted!

(By the way, if you want to listen to the actual conversation, that is available for our Premium Podcast Members!  If you don’t already listen to my podcast.. Why not!?!)

So, for today, I will sign off.  Score so far?  2 Motivated Seller prospects, 2 Rent to Own Prospects.

Have a Powerful Sales Day!



5 thoughts on “Investor Carrot Experiment Post 1. The Last Easy Day

  1. Appreciate you jumping into this an doing the Investor Carrot experiement – so kudos to you for the work. However, I’m not sure I at all understand how a Craigslist posting relates to testing something with Investor Carrot…can you explain?


    1. Thanks for the question!

      The answer is really simple! Craigslist ads pointing to your website will help drive traffic to it, allowing the website to convert it and produce the lead to you. In Investor Carrot Post 1, the “Catalina” property simply converted with their daughter sending me the lead directly.

      It is interesting to note however (and I will point out in subsequent posts) that the Craigslist ads and blogposts themselves are going to be searchable on Google as well. Therefore, it is my belief that the use of the Craigslist ads helps do three things.

      1. Add exposure to the site
      2. Is searchable, and more importantly retrievable on Google,
      3. As such, has a longer term exposure for your blogpost, or another “line in the water” leading people to your site.

      Thanks for the question, and stay tuned! I will be explaining more as we go along!


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