Investor Carrot Experiment Post 2. Expired Listing Explosion!

Expired CLWant More Free Leads? 

In my previous post, I mentioned the need to get your Craigslist ads up and running because it helped with the SEO and was searchable on Google.  Here is proof positive of what I mean!

The most obvious example would be a very specific set of keywords (expired in Tucson) for example.  Obviously, this is an example of my Craigslist ad that I posted back in December of 2014 still ranks high.. (admittedly, that is a very specific set of keyword criteria but you get what I mean!)

By being very specific about the Craigslist ads that you run and what they are looking for, you are able to target a very specific group of people.

England Calling…

So how do you reach the Expired or Cancelled listings?  The following lead I received the other day will prove this point explicitly! As you can see, the date on this was from the 2nd of February, she has a particular property in Tucson, and fills out the basic forms that are already included within the site (yay for me… I didn’t want to set up forms!)


After initially trying to reach her by phone (very difficult, and she promised it would be, as she lived out of town) I ended up emailing her yesterday with a query to see if she was still interested in selling!

As their subsequent emails proved out, they do want to sell, and are in England!

How is a bandit sign supposed to reach that?  How is your direct mail?

So she provides the address, and I begin to do some initial research.

England CallingRealtor® Investors Have An Edge

Fortunately, I was able to pull up the most recent MLS listing that shows the home is cancelled.

Because of it’s history, I see how many times it has been listed, as well as the various prices it’s had over time.

The obvious question is HOW did this family reach my site? It could be a number of reasons.  A particular Internet Search, maybe a Craigslist ad, but one thing is for certain… 

It wasn’t a pay per click lead.

No Sir… this prospect is 100% free (except the cost of the site) and generated 100% by content.

The difference between a “content generated lead” versus a “pay per click” lead is more than cost.  A content generated lead is also less likely to have competition as they may vary in their location within the sales cycle.

MLS Comps Help!
Obviously, as a Realtor® who invests, one of the natural advantages you have is the MLS.  This quickly enabled me to find 6 comparable listings as well as closed solds to compare their home to.

This is especially helpful when the comparable sales you have are nonexistent or uncertain.  Additionally, I was able to pull the photos from the previous listings to better understand the property.MLS Map

I have already contacted her with potential numbers that are of the area.  I have not told her a price I would pay, because I want to get her feeling on the obvious comparables.

One thing that I teach in The Red Pill Sales System Book is that you can’t want something more than the customer does.  In the lead generation we have going right now between the blogposts, Craigslist ads, as well as social media, I think it’s fair to say that, so far we are well on our way!

Score Thus Far

So far, I would say that there have been 2 what I would call “motivated Seller’s” to talk to thus far from the experiment. The “Catalina” appointment, and “England Calling!” .  This has not counted thus far the Rent to Own buyers that I have generated thus far (3).   So when considering the use of a website like Investor Carrot versus mailing, another consideration is speed.

It has taken a little bit of time to get the websites up and running (about ten minutes) and then the optimization is an ongoing process which they can help you with (check out that $300 package special they have to assist you in getting your site together if you aren’t particularly great with computers) 

Honestly speaking however, when putting the Craigslist ads in play, along with the blogs you will see me post soon, then it’s literally within hours or days that you will start to see results.

Anyway, until the next time!

Have a Powerful Sales Day!


4 thoughts on “Investor Carrot Experiment Post 2. Expired Listing Explosion!

  1. I will have to back Karl up on this. Karl introduced me to the whole idea during one of my coaching calls from him. We now generate more leads at a lower cost with this method than we generate with most of our other marketing tools. Just today, I boosted a post from my professional page on Facebook with a $5 budget to my site, and got more leads in 3 hours than we get on Vulcan 7 in a day. And not only total leads, but the leads this generated were way better.


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