Investor Carrot Experiment Post 3. Motivated Seller Followup

Motivated Sellers Need Followup

In this post, I just wanted to give a brief update as to the progress I’ve experienced thus far!

In the Investor Carrot Experiment, I am trying to determine the ability of content marketing, and the use of various Internet methods to attract business as it relates to direct mail.

Motivated Sellers Need Followup!
Motivated Sellers Need Followup!

To put it more specifically, which is better.  Spending a couple hundred on direct mail, or a couple hundred on Investor Carrot?

In the past 9 days of this experiment, I’ve generated what I would consider 2 “Motivated Seller Leads.”

For my Premium Podcast Plus members, you can hear my conversation with one of the prospects called “Catalina”.  The other prospect, I designated “England Calling”. Both prospects are highly motivated, and eager to sell.

In both cases, I do not currently have competition.  There are no other parties that I am aware of that they are talking to.

However, that can change at any time, and so I know that to make sure I get the best possible opportunities, I need to followup.

When following up with a motivated Seller lead, it is important to remember what a lead really is!

What is a Lead?

A lead, in my mind is someone who is ready, willing, and able to sign a contract within 7 days.  A prospect, is someone who has identified themselves as having a potential need for your services, but is not quite at the point (for various reasons) why they cannot sign a contract.

Understanding that your time is valuable, and that you have a ton of competition out there, you must aggressively followup on every lead when you discover that they are willing to sign on the dotted line!

Effective lead followup is contacting the customer to discover their true needs, as well as their fears.  This can be done effectively by using powerful dialogues and skillful questioning.

To make the process simple for you, I’ve already created a script book filled with scripts to help you in the process. Get your complimentary download of The Red Pill Sales Scripts 5.0!

Catalina and England Calling Update

Through subsequent followup calls, I have determined that both of these leads are in fact highly motivated.  I had an opportunity to purchase “England Calling’s” property and have made an offer on it.

The customer wants in excess of 210k for the home, and I have offered 180k.  We are in current negotiations, and I spoke with her just this morning about it.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

“Catalina’s” situation is a bit more complicated.  The property currently has a tenant in the process of moving out.  I had to postpone my meeting with them at the property.  However, during our conversation, “Catalina” disclosed to me her utter desperation and frustration about the property.  I simply postponed the appointment because her motivation is so high, but has a condition that prevents her from acting at this moment.

Traffic Update

Investor Carrot  2015-02-09 at 8.27.40 AM
Investor Carrot Stats 2-9-15

To keep honest, here are the results of my traffic to my as well as my other Investor Carrot sites.  As you can see,  I had quite a bit of traffic generated last week.  While 59 hits in a week is nothing overly remarkable, for the age and nature of the site, you can begin to see how powerful this traffic can be.

This traffic is 100% organic. Meaning that I did not pay for any of the visitors.  They were all generated via content marketing, as well as Craigslist ads, which is all I am currently doing to market the sites.

Why this is so important is evidenced by the screenshot below.  This one is from the previous week, where you can clearly see that the traffic on KarlBuysHouses has jumped up to 59 in a week, as opposed to 10.

Investor Carrot Stats 2-4-15
Investor Carrot Stats 2-4-15








Score Thus Far…

Motivated Seller Leads Generated:2

Rent to Own Buyers generated: 4

Cash Buyer leads generated: 4

Days of Experiment Completed: 9 of 60

For now, that’s what’s cooking.  I’ll let you know more, as more happens!

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

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