Investor Carrot Experiment Post 4. Automatic Lead Followup

I Love To Sleep

Honestly, I love the feeling of my bed.  It’s so warm, and comfortable.  One of the reasons why I don’t worry while I sleep is because I know that no matter what, my Investor Carrot site at KarlBuysHouses is out there kicking ass!

Automatic Lead Followup
Automatic Lead Followup

Proof positive of this is today’s post!  Recently (Day 12 of the Investor Carrot Experiment) I overslept a bit.

I will admit it.  You do it too.  However, when I awoke, and checked my email, I found some great news, and a motivated Seller awaiting my call!

In 18 Years I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This

Maybe it’s my Mike Ferry training.  Call it a reluctance to accept the reality of the world for what it is.  Call it what you will.  But I am becoming a believer.

For me, in my listing and investing career, it has always been about lead generation, and lead followup.  Countless hours spent finding the motivated so that I may make a presentation.

Never before however, has a Seller, looked online, read something written, and responded in this way.

Before You Say I’m Crazy

I accept that getting leads online is nothing new.  In fact, I wouldn’t even waste the digital ink to write this blogpost if I personally and professionally did not find it astounding what the folks at Investor Carrot have done.

Here is the first email that I received.  As you can see, it is the basic information of the prospect.  This is a powerful function of their site.  Initially, it gets just the easiest information to obtain.  In a secondary email, is when you get to the nuts and bolts.  I like this because if the prospect somehow loses time, or interest, you still have the minimum information to followup with.

Step 1 Form From Investor Carrrot

The Chase Begins

As you can see from the underlined portion, this lead came in from my site at 6:39 AM.

I don’t know where you come from, but in my line of work, you can’t call a prospect at 6:39 in the morning and expect a great result.

However, in this case, the prospect enters their address, their phone, and their email.  Easy Peasy.

As you can see, this person is searching the web at “odd business hours”.  Yet for some people, that is exactly the time they are available.

I don’t know about your life… but with kids, school lunches to pack, and life in general… things get busy!

The Second Step

Once the customer has entered in their basic information, Investor Carrot automatically stores that information and will place it in a CRM of your choosing.  Additionally, a subsequent form is opened  to request additional information.

Step 2 of Investor Carrot Form
Step 2 of Investor Carrot Form

Here, we can see more detailed information from the prospect.  Bedrooms, baths, and square footage are the first of the features that come automatically in the fields.

Nothing wasted, no extra unnecessary lines, just simple, non-threatening requests.

Naturally, a motivated seller has no problem completing this basic form.

But Wait… There’s More!

As you can see, it only takes the prospect 4 minutes to complete the additional page, and have it sent to me while I am rinsing off in the shower!

One of the things that you must understand while you are building a repeatable business.  You must find a quick, duplicatable, repeatable way to build business.

While content marketing cannot be predictable, it sure as heck can be quick, as well as repeatable!

Like I mentioned, there isn’t any reason why I would share even this much with you.  Your websites probably do the same thing.

However, here’s where it gets SEXY!

I think you would agree with me, at least in principle… that the person who responds to the lead first… generally has an advantage.


Automatic Lead Followup
Automatic Lead Followup

Introducing Your Automatic Advantage

As you can see by the email on the left, there is a email sent automatically from the system to the prospect at the email they’ve given.

I like this because not only does it let them know you are interested, it also tells them you are on top of it. Even if you are brushing your teeth like I was.

The other reason I like it, is that it automatically confirms their email address… no valid email?  Then you know what’s up!

As you can see, the customer sees the automatic email sent within minutes (2 minutes to be exact) and responds if interested.

As you can see, the customer sent the return email within an hour.

Walk into the office… have someone waiting for you..

Not a bad day to start right?

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

5 thoughts on “Investor Carrot Experiment Post 4. Automatic Lead Followup

  1. Loving this series Karl!

    Honestly, I’m humbled and excited to see our vision and hard work coming to fruition that the platform and support structure we’ve built for investors (and soon to be agents) is making a crazy difference in peoples businesses.

    I’m following this series like a hawk man! We’re having you on for an interview for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

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