Investor Carrot Experiment Post 5. Content Marketing For Dummies!

Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed

Nobody ever accused me of being the sharpest tool in the shed.  One thing I’m smart enough to do though is stand on the shoulders of giants.  Call it a self survival mechanism.  Call it copying… call it what you will.  In the business of Real Estate, if something is working, it’s hard to knock it!

Such as it is with Content Marketing.  Content Marketing (for the uninitiated) is simply the things you put on the Internet to educate, inform, or otherwise interact with your audience.  It’s not the same as sales pages, or other forms of marketing to direct a person to immediately take action.

I liken it to “Calling an Expired Listing” vs. “Sending a Newsletter.”  When you are calling a expired listing, you are looking for “now business”.  When you are sending direct mail, you are getting “future” business.

In my book Sales Skills for Real Estate Investors I describe how ordinarily you must devote your time to finding the “now” business, and less time in the “Future” areas of lead generation.

The reasons are clear.  Now business; gets you paid!  Now!  Guess where Future business pays?  You bet.  The Future.  When calling a expired, or a fsbo, you know right then and there where you stand.. whereas with a mailer, you just never know.  You never know if they will keep that card around when it’s decision making time.

It’s Decision Making Time

In today’s post, I am going to share with you an example of content marketing that is particularly successful.  It’s genesis is from the good folks over at Investor Carrot.  As I mentioned before, I’m no rocket scientist.  However, whomever is the chief writer of these blogposts might as well be!

For those of you who aren’t prolific writers, or aren’t that motivated to sit down and pound out blogposts (let’s be honest, there aren’t too many of us out there!) they have an awesome feature.  When I purchased my Investor Carrot sites, I made sure to get the “Content Pro” package.

For $99 a month, I was able to get my sites, my content, and posting of the content on my sites in a “done for you” kind of way.  Now, to be fair, it’s not totally “done for you” but as far as websites go, if you are halfway technically proficient, you will be able to get through it super quick.

For those who have blogged before, especially on a WordPress theme, this automatic blogging feature is a lifesaver.  The posts will automatically go on your site as you prescribe, and without too much effort on your part, you can begin to see some traffic.

Enter Today’s Lead

Meet Devon, she recently has been considering selling her home.. but what to do?  She doesn’t really want to go through the hassle of listing her home, but who to trust?

When recently scanning a Google result about We Buy Houses  in Tucson she may have seen this…

We Buy Houses... Are They Credible?
We Buy Houses… Are They Credible?

This is one thing you gotta love about Google and their search results.  If you have a YouTube Channel, you can oftentimes get a higher result depending on the search entered.

The YouTube video directly below the national franchise of We Buy Houses is great placement for me, and hasn’t really taken that long.

Of course, this placement is “pointing” to my website at KarlBuysHouses where she read the following post.

We Buy Houses Companies, Are They Credible?

We Buy Houses In Tucson Are they credible?
We Buy Houses In Tucson Are they credible?



Content Marketing Starts To Work

When the prospect reads the associated article, as you can see, there is no overt “selling” as you may see in other webpages, or splash pages that other real estate websites may offer.

The advantage in this case is obvious.  The consumer is able to get honest information as one person would share with another.

Another more concrete example of the “content marketing” you see every day is this post alone!  For example, by reading this series, you know that I am an investor in Tucson, you know that I run a blog called TenMinuteSkill, and a Podcast called TheRedPillInvestor.

I don’t have to sell you on why you should go check those sites out.  The links alone make it easy for you to take action!  How easy is that!

They Take Action, Like You Did!

When you think of the simplicity of content marketing, it’s “Sticky-ness” on the Internet, it’s hard to argue against the logic of writing, or paying others to generate meaningful content.

Unless of course, the argument is that it is ineffective in generating leads.  To which, I would respond, Listen to this actual recording of a Motivated Seller who responded to the above article!

For my Premium Podcast Members, they get to enjoy the entire conversation from the above conversation, all the way to the point I set the appointment. She has some very specific reasons why she is choosing to sell to me as opposed to listing it with her friendly local agent. (Her Friend!!!)

When they take action, of course, it is upon you to decide what type of motivation, and the quality of the lead.  But the Investor Carrot site has done a large part of the work selling them on the benefits of using you!

Listen in, and tell me what you think!

Social Experiment!

To prove exactly my point with Content Marketing and how you never know when people are reading it, do me a favor, just write in the comment section below what time YOU read this!  I think you will be surprised to see the various times people see things!



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