Investor Carrot Experiment Post 6. Pump Up The Volume!

Forgive Me In Advance…

This post might be a tad on the long side.  However, the reason is clear.  We are going to have a LOT of images to see!

In the gallery below, you will find several images from my Investor Carrot Experiment.

One of the things you will notice is a blogpost that is called “My Home Expired From MLS…Now What?”

Keyword Assist
Keyword Assist

Keyword Assistance Feature

One cool factor that I noticed when writing my ad was that on the right hand side of my post, when entering my tags (to help Google search it easier)….

What do you know?  A drop down box of the most commonly searched tags (or so it appears to me.)

For a guy like me who does not have a lot of time to be screwing around, and just wants to write the message and SEO (Search Engine Optimize) it as quickly as possible, then this is an immense help.

As you can see in the Gallery above, I posted the blog on my Facebook account (I Buy Houses) and then also shared it on Google.  Using several hashtags like #HomeSellerTips will help people locate it quickly through Twitter feeds and Google searches.  Call them stupid if you will, but in a avalanche of data, today’s increasingly tech society, it won’t be long before that’s helpful!

Time To Turn Up The Volume

Now, it’s time to turn our attention to the ads we need to run to get our traffic up.  One of the first places I look after Social media to increase traffic is Craigslist.   Now before you turn your head up at Craigslist ads, look at the ones that I am proposing.

As you can see in the Gallery, the green indicates that they are active and running ads.  It is simply a matter of pressing “repost” every 48 hours to ensure that you get a presence in your local Craigslist.  One thing you will note however, is that the ads are not the typical “we buy houses” type ad.

One of the coolest additions to Investor Carrot services is their “3 Leads per Day” training.  In that course (which I have taken, and recommend) you will learn the ins and outs of Craigslist marketing, as well as creative ways to get that phone ringing!

These are just two of literally dozens of ads that I have written for Craigslist.  Many of them are available to my Premium Podcast members as a swipe file.  The idea is to have multiple ways for people to read, react, and respond to your ad.

Multiple ways to READ your ad. People aren’t the same.  Some folks love to just read and read and read.  The more information, the better.  Others, prefer to “cut to the chase”.  Either way you go, be sure that your ad includes a call to action, and a way to respond to you.

The Prospects are Coming In

The good news about Investor Carrot, is that it meshes well with a variety of CRM’s.  Zoho is my personal choice, and as you can see, with very little preparation, you can create for yourself a dashboard outlining your current prospects, leads, contracts and closings.

We are 16 days into the experiment, and I am no longer running ads for Rent to Own Buyers.  There are simply too many leads to make effective use of them.

One critique that I have of myself is that I must find a way to change the questions on the Rent To Own Questionnaire to include a qualifying question.

I think I will add the question “What prevents you from buying a property using conventional financing?”  If there is nothing that prevents them, then they may possibly be a referral lead to a great agent!  Note to self…  Look for that, and change that!

For today my friends, that is what is going on.  I hope that these posts are valuable to you.  If so, please let me know, it’s nice to know if someone else is reading on the other side!


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