Investor Carrot Experiment Post 7. The “Free Foreclosure Guide”

Facing Foreclosure?

Today’s post, I will share with you another cool feature that Investor Carrot provides automatically in their real estate investor websites.  It’s called the “Free Foreclosure Guide“.

Here’s why this is important.  If you have been in the real estate game for any significant period of time, you remember the days PRIOR to the Internet.   In fact, when I started in real estate, my first MLS (Multiple Listing Service) was in Charleston, SC.  Believe it or not, they had the entire MLS in BOOKS.

Literally.  Books that agents would get copies of every couple of weeks (depending on the size of your MLS) and you would have to go through the book, and see what was available.  We did not have the Internet and MLS as you now know it.

MLS Book
MLS Book

Now, “Back in the day”, you weren’t supposed to share that book with anyone… it was confidential information.  In fact, it was written right on the front.  CONFIDENTIAL!

You Know How People Are

Invariably, agents would share those books with their best clients; despite the regulations not to.  Why?  In order to give their client a Item Of Value.

What was that Item?  Information.

Since the advent of the Internet, and the elimination of these books, now… information is still the hands down best thing you can give a customer or potential client to separate yourself from other competitors.

In the Internet marketing space… they call it “White Paper”.

“Done For You” White Paper?

You see, what is amazing about the photos below, you can see from my previous post (Investor Carrot Post 6) where I put a “long winded” ad about a foreclosure report.  In today’s post, you will see how that action I took YESTERDAY, has resulted in an action today.

Free foreclosure guide

As you can see, the prospect “Karen” has requested the free “stop foreclosure guide.”   She has seen the ad on Craigslist, and has taken action.

The reason why I know that this is directly from the Craigslist ad is because I am not advertising this page in any other fashion.

It is highly unlikely that she “Stumbled upon” the page offering out a Free Foreclosure guide.  It is highly likely however, that she saw the Craigslist ad that was posted yesterday.

You see… instead of giving the Consumer a MLS listing book, a “Free CMA” (Competitive Market Analysis) or some other form of ridiculous marketing piece that we as Realtors® and Investors often give.  We can give them something that is of real value.  Information about what is concerning them.

Not all Prospects are Leads

Karen is still early in the process.  She isn’t ready to give up her information fully yet.  She doesn’t want a sales call.  She is trying to save her home. That’s what everyone does.  The sad reality is however, that despite her efforts, many times; the deck is stacked against her.

With this in the backdrop, we have to be able to educate them about the process a bit, and we also must begin to inject the idea that for some people, selling to me at a significant discount is oftentimes a better solution than trying to list their home with an agent.

By beginning early in the sales process in a non-threatening, automatic way (Investor Carrot writes the content) you can focus on the more motivated Seller Leads without spending a bunch of time educating or trying to convert those who aren’t ready yet.  More about Karen later…

Automatic Followup Saves The Day, Finds TWO more Deals!

At the same time that Investor Carrot’s systems are busy chewing out the free Foreclosure Guide to Karen, it’s busy seeking out new potential Seller Leads for me.


As you can see in the above gallery, I have included a copy of the ad that I ran yesterday in Craigslist, and the subsequent request for a free report shortly thereafter.

Later that day, another fellow, let’s just designate him as “Tenant Occupied”.  Contacted me via my KarlBuysHouses site.  As you can see from the preliminary lead generation form, we get his email, and basic information.  We are already familiar with this process from our previous post Lead followup.  However, there is an important difference!

Not only does he fill out the Secondary form telling us more about the home and the situation that he is facing; but he makes a critical mistake.  He enters in the wrong address! 

Automated Like a BOSS!

Now it’s true.  As a podcaster for The Red Pill Investor Podcast, as well as a blogger for TenMinuteSkill, Investor, Broker and Coach, my hours are… shall we say crazy.

It’s difficult to reach me by phone sometimes, and I have to schedule when I call people very strictly.  I just can’t go return every call, or follow up on every lead at the drop of a dime.

Maybe if you are new, or a newer Realtor® you have time to drop things and just go show property, or return every call right now.  I’m just gonna be honest.  I don’t.  I am frightfully bad at that, and anything I can get that will help me return calls, and followup immediately is of immense value.

The reason is clear.  Those who followup first, generally win.

After 18 years of doing this business both as a Realtor®, and as an Investor, I can assure you of the truth of the statement..

The “Advantage” goes to the one who calls back first.

Which runs into the second problem.  If you are a slave to your phone, how is that ANY different than being chained to a desk?

F*&K that.  I can’t take my iPhone scuba diving.

Here’s why you gotta automate your stuff; as much as possible, especially if you are working with an INTERNET lead.

Automatic Followup Finds 2 Deals!
Automatic Followup Finds 2 Deals!

(WWYSD) What Would Your Site Do?

When you think about it… unless I called him right away, (which I couldn’t do. I was in an appointment) then I have to ask myself a question…

What would I have thought if that address was wrong that he entered in the first place?

Obviously, I would have called him at some point and try to clarify the address.  Surely I would have attempted to call him and/or email him as quickly as I could have.

However, as you can see, the Investor Carrot automated lead followup email strikes again!

Not only do we instigate the conversation about selling the home “at the right price… how fast are you looking to sell it?” ; but he automatic followup system instantly steps into action.

The potential customer is reached immediately.  Instead of leaving my mind to worry and wonder the “why did they leave a fake address??  Obviously they aren’t THAT motivated… why are people so STUPID??” thing going on in my head…

(yeah… I think that way.  Maybe you are better than me!  Don’t judge me!)  it eases my troubled mind!

How much is that worth to me? A lot.

Maybe you don’t have those “moments in your head” like I do.  However for me, it’s these little intangible benefits that can’t be elucidated on a bullet point presentation on a webinar that makes Investor Carrot worth the monthly fee..

Those moments where things innocently go wrong, your mind takes a little trip… The automatic email stops that train before your mindset leaves the station.

How Fast Can I Call YOU?

So when you actually DO check your email and find this… then you realize.. HOLY SHITAKE!

So here we are in  the 18th day of the experiment.  So far so good.  Content Marketing, Craigslist Ads, and not ONE penny spent on promotion.

Oh… By the way… How’s that mailer coming along?

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

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