Investor Carrot Post 8. First Month’s Results!

Where Did The Time Go?

You know, it doesn’t seem all that long ago when I began doing the Investor Carrot Experiment.  The concept seemed simple enough.  Could a real estate website give you better results “out of the box” than direct mail?

In the past 28 days that I have been “effectively” working with the Investor Carrot website platform I must make a couple observations.

First, I am not nearly as effective at followup as I ought to be.  Fortunately, the Automatic Followup System has helped in more ways than one.

The second observation I’ve made is that “Life gets in the way.


It Happens To All Of Us

You know how it gets.  You have a wife, two busy kids in soccer, school, practices, and of course, your clients and customers all have demands of your time.  All of your available time seems to be sucked into the minutiae of your day to day life.

Of course, it doesn’t help when the entire country is under 3 feet of snow it seems!  How can one go out and place bandit signs effectively?  It’s tough to get that Yellow Letter when they can’t get to the mailbox!!

Now I know that it’s not really that bad.  But you know what I mean!  It’s a guarantee that if you are spending time shoveling snow just to get your car out of the drive; you will be less likely to be “driving for dollars” when the roads are slick!

No Matter The Weather Or The Time

One thing I’ve discovered in the past 28 days of the Investor Carrot Experiment is that I just don’t have the time.  I simply do not have all the time I need to put on the Internet all the great ideas that have come to mind on ways that I can modify the site or use it in a different way.

For example… one of the neat things you can do with your Investor Carrot Site is add lead capture pages.

Introducing “The Expired Page”

As an Investing Realtor®, I am naturally aware that at the end of the month, literally dozens of homes will come off the Tucson MLS as “Expired” and “Cancelled” listings.

I also know through being a listing agent for so many of these past 18 years; that many of these very same homeowners still want to sell.  They just don’t want to list their home.  Therefore… why not create an “Expired Page?”

As a Realtor® Investor; I believe that we are in the best position possible to help the customer get their goals of selling their home.

To do that, I believe that we need to have a landing page for an expired listing to look at, that will give them some great information.  On that page, there should be a place for them to leave their contact information, and also some form of “freemium” if possible.

So here is a “behind the scenes view” of what I created on my page.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 5.06.45 PM The Thought Behind The Page

One of the keys to online marketing I’ve discovered; is having a resource to point your prospect to.  Why this works, is that you now control the message.

If you can control the message, you can control the educational process. Expectations are set, and now your customer can get to know you.

Now I don’t mean to say “know you” in the sense that they know about your dog, or how you love to jog, or how you love this or that.  No.  What I mean by “know you” is “what you do.”

How many times have you wished that your customer would think about how to price their property correctly or perhaps concerns they may have about selling their home to an investor?

Gallery of Photos

So as you can see, the lead capture page connects easily to any CRM (Customer Retention Manager) system.  (I personally use Zoho myself).  After creating the page, and writing some short copy, the page is ready.

Once it is ready, it is a great idea to share it on social networks (especially Google) using hashtags.  Hashtags are a great way to point out or categorize your post and give it a flair!

Of course, these are not going to do any good for you without using the SEO checker that Investor Carrot has automatically on the site.  That helps it rank HIGHER on Google quickly.

End of the Month Score

Well, I tallied it up.  From February 2nd, until today February the 28th, I have generated 11 “Rent To Own” Buyers before quitting marketing for Rent To Own Buyers.

In this same period of time, I’ve generated 5 motivated Seller Leads.  From those 5 motivated leads, they have a total of 7 properties to Sell.

Let me define what I mean by Motivated Seller Leads.

Who Is Calling You?

When you have someone call from your mailing, or your bandit sign, they have varying degrees of motivation.  Some are extremely motivated; eager to sign a contract within a few days.  Others, calling you to complain about your sign placement.  Asking you not to mail them again, or how you got their address.  How many times have you been asked “to make them an offer…”

A motivated seller lead is defined as a “person who is ready to sign a contract in the next 7 days.

Get to the Point! 

So what I am saying is that in the first month… this website; even while being inconsistent (having been sick; had “kid things”; and going to Broker Renewal classes has produced 5 people who are motivated to Sell their properties and sign a contract within the next 7 days.

Of them, they have 7 properties to Sell.  I’ve made two offers so far; and am working on the others!

Not a bad start.  I know that a large portion of this business is followup.  From these 7, that’s more than I had from last month.. and moreover, the pages and articles I’ve created that have generated these deals… are still online!!

Remember!  The best part of the web is it’s “Stickability!” 

What I did THIS month… will still be there NEXT month… while I add NEW content.  THAT gives it even more STICKABILITY.

That’s the power of a blogging website when it comes to a real estate investing.  The constant interaction is what gives it the action!

Until next time!

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