Investor Carrot Post 9. The FSBO Page

For Sale By Owners

We all know and love them.  No matter if you are an agent, or an investor; seldom does a topic strike heart in the fear of most investors more than the topic of talking with a For Sale By Owner.

In this post, I will show you how I have taken my Investor Carrot Website and modified it to include a “For Sale By Owner” page.

Why For Sale By Owners?

At it’s core, isn’t selling to you the penultimate of “selling by owner?”  When you think of it, isn’t a homeowner reaching out to you to sell their home exactly the same as a For Sale By Owner?  Of course it is.

So why then the need to create a special “For Sale By Owner” page?  In a world of SEO and “How to Drop A Sock” Videos… the question is more importantly… why not?

A unique feature that I like about Investor Carrot is their  “duplicatable page” function.  As you can see, I simply took a page I had previously made (the Expired Page)  and had made a few modifications to the copy.  Next step was using their “SEO Checker” to ensure that I would get the best placement I can as quickly as possible.

Once that’s done, it is simply a matter of publicizing it on my social network in addition to Google Plus using the requisite hashtags to help potential customers see this.  The idea is to get the topic started.  If you doubt the veracity of why you should “start the conversation”, then let me ask you a simple question…

Ever had your friend sell their home “By Owner?”

They are already talking about it.  You might as well jump in as the Real Estate Professional they expect you to be!!

The Fun Doesn’t Stop

Of course, 30 days into the Investor Carrot Experiment and I’ve produced a tremendous amount of Motivated Seller Leads .  Leads that need to be followed up on.  It will take a little bit of time to get these under contract, if at all.  So the best plan of attack is always to be “on the offensive!”

It is silly to expect that the website itself will generate it’s own traffic to any significant amount without some form of help.    That is why I recommend, (and Investor Carrot teaches) you to use Craigslist ads to help generate traffic.

If your site isn’t receiving at least 20-30 hits per week, it’s going to be hard to have your site do the work of conversion you are asking it to do.

As you can see from my statistics, my Karl Buys Houses site is getting sufficient traffic for the moment. (Could always use more) and the other two I’ve put less emphasis on (as you can clearly see).

The Speed Doesn’t Slack

When you have a motivated Seller lead, it can change very quickly.  A motivated Seller can respond at any time, and your automatic followup systems must be ready.

I’m “priming the pump.”  What are you doing to get business to your site?

Talk to you soon!

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