Investor Carrot Experiment Post 11. Notice of Default Vs. Foreclosure

In this installment of the Investor Carrot Experiment; I am going to show you how to quickly cover a topic such as “Notice of Default” or “Foreclosure” in your particular town.  For this experiment… I am choosing the topic of “Notice of Default in Tucson” and “Foreclosure in Tucson”.

At this time, I don’t have a real presence on a Google search for these terms, and yet, it seems like it would be a very good niche to have a page! Therefore, I want to show you a bit of what I did with my Investor Carrot Site to create 3 lead pages that are fully optimized within just a hour!

Torpedo In The Water!

You Can't Stop What You Can't See!
You Can’t Stop What You Can’t See!

Here is the great feature of content marketing.  It is truly a “fire and forget” method of marketing your services.  Have a problem with a local jerkoff cutting down your bandit signs? (we do); no problem!

Your lead pages on the Internet are silently working underneath the surface waiting to find a highly motivated target!

All you need to do is simply find a target for them to point to!

So what need does the average homeowner need?

Circus Tent Psychology

So when you are trying to think about ways to approach your customer; it’s helpful to think about a circus tent.

If you go to a circus, you notice that the tents are held up by poles.  The poles, are held up by ropes.

So if you are trying to think of ways to approach your customer,  think about the main ideas you are trying to convey as the “Poles” and everything else you talk about are the “ropes” to support your argument.

What Does This Have to Do With Real Estate?

Essentially, if you are trying to convert your prospects, if you talk about only what the “poles are” (You want to buy their home); then that will have some efficiency.  However, if you talk about the “ropes holding up” the poles (How to Sell By Owner, What to do when facing foreclosure); then you are able to educate, and direct and effect your customer more!

Think about it; if your lead page can speak specifically to their issue, the more likely they will be to go to your page.  The more likely it will appear on Google Searches, and the more likely they will be to “Click” than a generalized ad.

Understand this.. you can directly affect your customer and their thought process by establishing an authority position by writing a “white paper” article that positions you as the expert.

That “white paper” doesn’t even need to be yours.  You can create articles or reference other useful articles that you find throughout the Internet.

Information… combined with proper marketing = contacts.

Fire Torpedoes!

So let’s cover how you can make pages that SEO (Search Engine Optimize) quickly!

As I mentioned before, you want to determine a good target, and as I mentioned before, we were going to research the idea of Notice of Default vs. Stop Foreclosure.

As you can see, it appears as though Notice of Default is searched more often than stop foreclosure.  Of course, it could be because the term “notice of default” is not exclusive to real estate, whereas “stop foreclosure” is.

To be safe… we should fire at least  three torpedoes!  Notice of Default, Stop Foreclosure, and Stop Foreclosure IN Tucson.

How to Make Powerful SEO Pages QUICKLY

So as you can see from the above gallery, we simply duplicate an existing page, and then follow the SEO Assistance available on the InvestorCarrot platform.  Obviously, you will want to modify your page to reflect the target audience.  The good news about Investor Carrot is that it helps you do the SEO easily!

Wherever you “save a draft” and “check SEO”; the Investor Carrot SEO Checker springs into action!  Little “red dots” will let you know specifically what you need to do to get a better SEO rating and why.  For example, I did not know that there were word minimums for maximum effect.  It’s the little things like that that helps this torpedo be even MORE accurate!

One and Done

Once the first page is created, and the various SEO “Dots” completed, (Images added, links added, keywords added, etc) then you are now able to quickly recreate pages very similar to that via the duplication function!

Now you simply duplicate that page, and modify the language to reflect the new keywords or slightly different “rope”.

For example, if you want to focus on people who are facing foreclosure, make pages (“ropes”) around the concept of facing foreclosure.  (Notice of Default, Stop Foreclosure IN Tucson, Stop Foreclosure Tucson)

These are all other ways to convey the same idea of “Foreclosure Information” to a person facing foreclosure. That becomes your “message”.  Your Pole.

Now, knowing that (at least according to the research that I’ve done) it appears that Notice of Default in Tucson is more commonly used than Foreclosure, I intentionally add a few more keywords to the copy to help the placement.

It is also important to remember to change the headline as well as the title. It’s not good for you to have simple duplicates of the same page without some form of change.  Google’s algorithmic searches are always looking for duplicates, and they will lower your placement overall.

If You Are Keeping Track

What this now means is that I have a FSBO Page, an Expired Page, a Notice of Default Page, as well as several other versions of them in other ways!  The purpose is to be exactly where our potential client is looking, under a very specific topic, to give specific information to get a specific result.

The helps us to easily, and quickly create pages that our customers will see, when they need them, regardless if some idiot is cutting up bandit signs, or they throw away your mail.

Until next time….

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

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