The Investor Carrot Experiment. Post 12. My “Achilles Heel”

Dipped in Death

The "Triumph of Achilles"
The “Triumph of Achilles”

According to legend… it was Achilles’ mother, (a Nymph named Thetis) who dipped a young Achilles into the river Styx (The River that separated the Underworld from the land of the living).

Cosmologically, I believe that metaphorically means that he was subjected to near death, in order that he might be invulnerable.

Maybe you feel that way sometimes.

Heaven knows I do.

Before you can ride around dragging the bodies of your competitors around the streets of Troy on the back of your ride however, you must learn how to protect your Vulnerabilities.

My “Achilles’ Heel”

For all the strengths I possess as a Realtor®, Investor, and Coach, I must admit I am woefully bad at being consistent.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I get busy, and don’t always do the things I know I am supposed to do.

For example.  I know, in order to help get qualified Sellers to my Investor Carrot site, I need to run Craigslist ads.  However, that just bores me to tears! I don’t know about you, but doing it a couple times per day, while not hard; requires a level of attention that I simply have trouble with.

It’s not that it’s hard to do.  It’s not that it’s a difficult fix.  It just requires a level of discipline that I don’t always have.  In other words, no matter how powerful my armor is, I am not going to be dragging around the bodies of my competitors unless I get disciplined… or creative.

Enter today’s thought… 

Today, I sat in on one of Trevor Mauch’s Mastermind Webinars for Investor Carrot Members.  I want to report to you that in all honesty, I was impressed.

Mind you, I am a professional Internet Marketer myself.  I know how difficult it is to hold a webinar, and make it run flawlessly.  It requires a level of finesse and technical “know how” that not all people possess.  This webinar, was one of the most informative I’ve ever seen.  I sat in for the first time ever today, specifically for this post.

Here’s a Smidgen of What I Learned.

Now, I couldn’t do justice of the over 1 hour of time that Trevor donated to all the questions that came in.  The content itself was extremely solid.  He basically covered the “Hottest SEO Terms” that his team had developed.  You can get a complimentary copy of their “SEO Bible” which they will be updating soon!  (Get the one they have now.. it’s really cool!)

So today’s Mastermind Call was (as all of them are) recorded.  Today, we covered several topics including the latest keyword updates and trends as Google is reporting them.  Additionally, Trevor and his staff are quick to point out new technologies like MOZ .

Why this is important to me is because I am not particularly bright when it comes to computers.

Believe it or not… I am not that great at them.  But I spot talent.  And when I see talent… I listen!

Achilles’ Armor

Getting back to dragging bodies and all.. one of the most unique factors of the story of Achilles as related to us in Homer’s Illiad is the fact that he used Armor.

If he was indeed invulnerable, what was the need to have “the Swag”?

In the tales related to us from the ancient storytellers like Homer, we know that the Armor that they wore was not only to protect them from the “slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune” but to demonstrate a family or clan pride.

The Armor of the bravest warrior was cherished.  To be desired.  A source of pride.

For me… my armor is Action.  I may not know everything... but I will take ACTION!!!

HUD Homes For Sale In Tucson

One of the things that I learned in today’s mastermind call, was that HUD Homes was a HUGE search result.  As an agent, I can advertise HUD Homes for sale without the Listing agents permission.  They are listed by the Broad Listing Broker, and one of their requirements is that all agents can advertise them.  So long as you give credit to where the original listing comes from, in my MLS.. it’s ok to advertise.

As it just so happens… my office has a HUD Contract!  As a NAID Registered Broker, I can submit offers, and now, I’ve got instant inventory!

Now there are a couple ways to approach this problem.

One way is to create a HUD Homes for Sale Page, similar to the FSBO Page, and the Expired Page I’ve already created. Or, I could simply write a blog post.  I decided to test a blog post.

Writing A Post

As a Realtor®, I don’t want to disparage the property, and I do want to find something that is potentially a deal.  Due to my fiduciary responsibilities to the Seller (they hired my company) I cannot give advice as to what price a person should offer.

However, I can make mention of several good things!  This property for example is the lowest priced home in the area, and due to its condition, it will never sell to a traditional buyer.  However, it will make for a great investor owned property, especially one using a FHA 203K Loan. 

I need to make sure I make several opportunities to interact with the customer.  Thankfully, the Department of HUD does an inspection prior to putting the home on the market.  This is called a “Property Condition Report”.  This report, or the “Sales Flyer” can be used as free “white paper”  to help induce a potential customer to contact you.

Information Asymmetry

Information Asymmetry
Information Asymmetry

Now you might make the argument that “Don’t we want to withhold information?  At least initially? At least until we get an email address or something??”

The problem with that line of thinking is that the “Information Asymmetry” is more in the buyer’s favor than it is yours.  Most of the information is available publicly anyway.  That being said, it doesn’t really make any sense at all to position yourself in a hostile way towards a potential customer.

Therefore, in my mind, it is best to simply use Dropbox, and add those pre-prepared white pages to your arsenal of information!

After all, your value in the transaction is the ability to interpret information quickly, and bring massive amounts of cash to the problem!

Win, Win, Win! 

If you are a Realtor® who happens to be with a company that sells HUD Acquired property, you may want to check into this form of bringing ready to buy buyers, as well as listings your way.  What.. did I forget to mention LISTINGS and SELLERS???

You see, it’s not just the retail buyer who purchases HUD homes.  It’s not just the aggressive Investor looking for a great deal.  Sometimes it’s the guy or gal who owns a home already.  They need to sell their home, in order to buy the next.

They need to sell their home, in order to buy the next!

Here’s a key to remember.  If you advertise a slightly more expensive home (one that is a little higher than your average first time homebuyer home) then chances are, you will attract a home buyer who has a home that they need to sell.

If you are an Investing Realtor®, you could generate three potential transactions from the leads you get.

  1. A Listing Lead
  2. A Buyer Lead
  3. A Wholesale Lead

All from a home that you don’t necessarily have to have any equitable interest in.. to advertise.

I don’t know about your area.  In Tucson, that’s allowable.  Check with your Broker to be sure!

Until next time, Look for me to be “dragging the bodies of my competitors” around Tucson… and keep on taking action.  What action are YOU taking?

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

p.s. If you like these kinds of Sales Techniques, (Like the “Tip of the Iceberg Close” then check out my free newsletter TenMinuteSkill News!

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