The Investor Carrot Experiment. Post 14. YouTube Marketing!

Internet Star?


Perhaps no phenomenon in recent history has overcome the marketing space more efficiently than that of YouTube.

With over 1 Billion users, over 100 hours of content being uploaded every minute, and at least 1 billion mobile views per day; it is safe to say that the American consumer has made a significant shift in their entertainment and information habits.

When you are using your Investor Carrot Website, it comes equipped with awesome lead pages that you can convert to your specific market.

As you know, I’ve created numerous Sell your MLS Listing pagesExpired pages, FSBO pages, Notice of Default, and Foreclosure pages.

Yet all of this “hooplah” is not reserved for the younger Internet crowd (such as one of my faves.. Ray William Johnson).  YouTube has made it possible for the small business person or entrepreneur to compete on a equal footing with the “big name” or “labeled” competitor in a HUGE way.  Here’s how!

Google and YouTube.. A Great Combination!

When Google acquired YouTube in 2006, it quickly morphed into a powerful search engine on it’s own accord. According to Alexa, YouTube ranks as the third most visited site behind Google and Facebook.

It is safe to say therefore, that your customers typically use YouTube in searching for information (results received via a Google search), and entertainment.

As YouTube is owned by Google, videos that are relevant to the search content receive a “boost” if placed against similar articles such as blogs, etc.  Thus giving a properly SEO managed YouTube “commercial” a higher search ranking.

One could even make the argument that as far as organic search results go (the kind you get without paying for them), YouTube Videos are probably one of the most effective forms of communication, placement, and message “virality”.

“Virality” The Ability to Share Quickly

One of the biggest hassles of print advertising, is the length of time it takes to prepare, proof, and deploy a message to a given audience.

One of the advantages of Content Marketing however, is the ability to specifically “tune your message” to a target audience, and fire away at will.

It’s difficult to take a page out of your “Homes and Land” magazine, and spread it around to your customers as a marketing piece in any effective way.  But you can share your YouTube video very quickly.  Simply press a button, and thousands of people can get exposed to your message!

One on YouTube, it can be easily re-used in other ways.  It can be disseminated on your social networks, linked to articles, It can be embedded into a blog post as you see here…

As you can clearly see, when you have a video presence, there is a lot more you can do with it, then simply printing out a flyer!

Nitty Gritty Time

So how do we create YouTube videos cheaply, professionally, and have them rank well?  Well, the good news is that the folks over at Investor Carrot have already got a program in place in their training called “Posts to Profits”.  

All you simply need to do is get a couple free tools working for you!  The first is   But before we get too far along…let’s take a look at some pictures of how to do this!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s Hammer Time!

Now, if you create these videos, you can quickly see how you can dominate certain keywords.  For the current set of keywords I am trying to hit on one video (Sell My House Fast In Tucson) … you can clearly see how it has taken over the top result for Tucson.

Sell my Tucson Home Fast

To be fair.. this YouTube video on the right was produced back in October.  But as you can clearly see, it has the top ranking for the search term “Sell My Tucson Home Fast” on a incognito Google Search.

How Much Would It Cost?

How much would it cost to compete on a pay per click basis with the three “We Buy Houses” types of companies paying for ads?

As you can see, this ad was free, took no time to make, and has great placement and exposure on Google as well as YouTube.

This is just another way you can drive people to your website free and without much hassle!

If you are looking for tools to help you rank quickly in your marketplace for YOUR YouTube videos… then I would encourage you to check out Investor Carrot’s free “SEO Bible”.  It gives you a ton of great strategies on how you can maximize your free exposure dollars!

Until next time!

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

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