Investor Carrot Experiment Post 15. How to Get 2 Deals From 1 Lead.

Frozen Equity

Frozen equity! What to do!
Frozen equity! What to do!

As you are probably beginning to feel, the market is picking up! In markets all across the United States, people are starting to find more and more activity in their local real estate market.

I’ve even received a crazy amount of referrals from people who refer their Tucson leads to me for “partnering up!” One thing is certain… people are on the move.

What’s Your Customer’s Problem?

One of the keys that you have to ask yourself when doing content marketing of any kind (at least in my opinion) is “What problem does my Customer have that I can solve?”

If it really is true that “We Get By Giving” and “You help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” as we always say, then how do we find out what our customer wants, so we can therefore give it to them?

Enter the “Frozen Equity Problem”

Okay, so let’s start of with a couple basic thoughts.  Your customer is not “just waking up one day” and deciding to buy their house.  They are in a “Life cycle”, complete with it’s own patterns of thought, and actions.

If you wanted to get one Motivated Seller lead, then you could optimize your page or post for certain keywords.  Things like Absentee Owners, Notice of Default, For Rent By Owners, etc.  People with one home to sell, for whatever reason.

However, if you want to get multiple transactions out of ONE lead, then you must change your approach a bit.

For example… what does your poor customer do if they want to buy a home, but need to sell first?  

Perhaps your customer is a multiple property owner, but not an investor?  You know, the guy who owns 2 homes, maybe the one he lives in, and a former home he now rents out?  He’s not your “Professional Investor”.

What resources do these particular customers use the most, no matter what stage of the “Life Cycle” they are in?

Zillow to the Rescue

No matter your personal opinion, Zillow is and will be a major factor in the real estate space.  With over 86 million users, 110 million homes, 62,000 “Premier Agents” and 186 homes being viewed EACH AND EVERY SECOND… it is enormous the scope that Zillow brings.  It is simply staggering to realize the social import that Zillow has brought to the “American Home Seller’s mindset.”

The good news for the Real Estate practitioner (licensed agent/investor) or Unlicensed Investor is that this enormous amount of traffic can be capitalized to your benefit for your Investor Carrot Website, or blogpost!

Creating a “Zillow Traffic Page”

Beginning with the “end in mind” of attracting a particular type of customer, (the kind that has a home to sell first before buying or multiple property owner) you must advertise to them in such a way that will appeal to them.

In your marketplace, like it or not, Owners are daily checking values.  Many times, it is simply curiosity that draws the home owner to Zillow.  Other times, it is the beginning stages of “getting information” before they make a decision.

Here is where you will definitely want to have something like Investor Carrot’s free “SEO Bible” to help you research keywords that are unique to your area.

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So as you can see, I simply took a post that the staff at Investor Carrot had written called “The State of Buyers in Tucson AZ” and modified the post to include new language.  I added a few extra links, along with a Zillow image, a lot of great keywords, shared it on Google+ and voila!

A new page.

Here’s The Strategy

Now as an Agent/Investor, I know that one potential way to solve the problem of “Frozen Equity” (when a homeowner has the equity of their home “frozen” so they can’t buy another), one possible way to solve the problem is through listing, and then making the contract contingent upon my Seller finding a new home.

For the unlicensed, this is meaningless.  However, it doesn’t mean the lead is! You can still make a cash offer for their home if they are in the scenario where there is another home that they want to buy quickly!  Or perhaps the landlord just doing a quick search of values, and in the process of doing a Google Search, comes across your post?

No matter how they find it, socially or organically sought; the result is the same.  The prospect is reading your material.

What people do when they are considering selling their home is look up information.  Things like “how much is my home worth on Zillow” are frequent searches in Google.  By positioning a post to answer certain questions, like “How Can I Sell My Tucson Home on Zillow?” you can use Zillow’s popularity to help boost your results locally.

Questions are Prospects In Disguise

In Greek Mythology, one of my favorite Goddesses was Athena.  The Goddess of Wisdom and War.  One of her unique talents was to be able to disguise those whom she favored.

Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War
Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War

This was revealed in Homer’s The Iliad, as Odysseus was on his way home to Penelope his wife.  Athena hid and changed Odysseus’s image, skin, and visage to that of a feeble old man in order to accomplish a deed proving his love and kingship.

Many times, opportunities come to us in the same way.  They are in the appearance of questions.  Questions like “how can I sell my home without a Realtor®” or “How much is my home worth?” when asked on a Google Search is very powerful as you can see on even a short search on Keyword Planner.

Once you have someone asking the question, they are asking many times for a reason.

How to Get Multiple Deals

By changing your posts to answer the common questions a multiple home owner would have that would be unique to them, you will be able to attract a different customer.  One lead page for Expireds, would most likely result in a Expired Lead, someone who has ONE home to sell.  A FSBO page, would most likely result in a FSBO lead, again, someone who MOST likely has ONE home to sell.

If you do an absentee mailing, you don’t know.  There is the opportunity to luck into that one guy who has more than one.

But what if your page focused specifically on that one guy who is looking up values?

Not a Smart Bomb

While I recognize this is not as targeted as the other pages I’ve mentioned, it does target an activity.

This is to me, a critical difference.  While most pages, posts, splash pages, etc. react according to the customers status as “what they want to do today, this page focuses on “what they are looking at for tomorrow”.

This is a natural advantage for us as we are now able to spend more time in their “Life-Cycle” educating them as to why our offer is better.

Considering that writing this post about that post took longer than creating the page itself, I can only assume that it is like all the other pages, posts, and Craigslist ads I’ve run.  They cumulatively will be more powerful.

I will let you know if it is a blockbusting success or I hear crickets.  Either way, It costs me nothing, and won’t get me in trouble with the Bandit Sign police!

Until next time!

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

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