Easy 10 Step Plan to Create an Internet Based Business!

Want to create an Internet Based Business?

Start Your Internet Business!
Start Your Internet Business!

While I certainly am no expert in creating a “million dollar” Internet business, I’ve learned a thing or two about creating a business that can fund a trip or two… or maybe provide an extra $40,000 to $50,000 in passive income to you.  Would something like that interest you?

From time to time, I am asked how I created my Podcast, my Blog, and my 2000+ Member Strong Facebook Community called “The Red Pill Investor (Public Version)”.

I can tell you a ton of mistakes I’ve made, but I doubt you have the time to read them.  However, whenever someone asks me out to coffee and asks my advice, I’ve distilled a few workable ideas for them.

In creating The Red Pill Investor Podcast! and The TenMinuteSkill Blog, I accidentally created an Internet Business that generates that type of income.  Although I did it by complete accident, I believe there are Ten Specific Steps that I took, and that you too can take, to create a viable Internet Based Business!

Step 1.  Have a Niche Market

For me, I stumbled into this idea.  It never occurred to me that Realtors® as well as Investors across the country could use help in their real estate business.  I had a very myopic vision.  I just thought about Tucson, and the agents I knew.

Little did I know that there was an entire world of Realtors® as well as Unlicensed Investors who wanted to learn how to use sales skills to get more homes sold quickly!

As a Licensed Broker who has taught sales skills for quite some time on my YouTube Channel at SellMoreHomesNow, it seemed like a natural fit!

Step 2.  Research The Needs of the Niche Market.

In my case, this was easy.  Facebook, BiggerPockets, ActiveRain, and other powerful blogs provided plenty of forums in which I could easily see some common questions and issues that my target demographic had.

Start your Internet business with Research!
Start your Internet business with Research!

Needs for my market (Wholesaling Investors and Realtors® who Invest) include Lead Generation, Lead Followup, Presentation Skills, Closing Skills and Time Management.

Step 3.  Determine Available Supply Vs. Demand.

This was my favorite step!  I looked at all the available competitors in this niche, and determined that there was no real estate trainer available in the market that teaches Real Estate Sales Skills, especially with regards to Realtors® to INVESTORS.

The key differential in my demographic is that while there are plenty of people who teach about how to write yellow letters, or do bandit signs, or do subject-to financing, I noticed that there was a obvious lack of training in the area of “what to actually say” to a customer.

You can easily find your particular differentiator as well.  I simply downloaded all the free e-books, got on all the free email lists and attended the free seminars of my competitors.

Observe their strengths, as well as their weaknesses.  For me, I discovered that none of my competitors were teaching actual dialogues, or scripting as it relates to handling objections, or pricing.

There was also a lack of any training whatsoever for Realtors®.  This was a key!

Step 4.  Create a Platform About The Need

I’ve created YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages, Blogs, Podcasts, as well as other forms of social media. To me, the hands down BEST place to start is a YouTube Channel.

A YouTube Channel is the easiest to modify, add, and curate content.  Unlike blogs which rely heavily on SEO and relevance scoring, YouTube provides amazing exposure for little effort.

At some point, you will definitely want to start a blog.  A Blog is the “Skeleton” of your online effort.  A YouTube Channel is quickly becoming the starting point for people to find you, and you need to have a place for them to go.

Create Your Platform for your Internet Business!
Create Your Platform for your Internet Business!

Depending on your personal level of comfort with the Internet and all things “tekkie” you may want to consider either a WordPress.com or .org site.  Wordpress is the easiest to work with in my mind, but it is important to understand the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com has several pre-made themes that you can choose from. However, because they are already pre-made, there is very little modifications that you can make.  Wordpress.org however has many more options, however some knowledge of computers or assistance may be necessary if you are a computer dummy like me.

Step 5.  Find Forums About The Niche Market

Similar to Step 2, you use the forums to find additional places on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Pinterest to be able to find ideas, infographics, content, and more to create content.

Understand, Content is King, and Marketing is the Queen!  It’s not enough to have great content, you must also have the means to spread your message!

Before I had The Red Pill Investor (Public Version), I had to spread my podcasts, my blog posts, and other media within those other forums in order to help build an audience.

Understand in advance that there are some rules about this!  Some forums are very protective about their group members and will not allow posting external links and have penalties for breaking their rules…(i.e. expulsion).

You have to make a calculated guess as to how far you can push that envelope.  In my mind, it is best to err on the side of the potential customer.  If you can give him some useful information in a “non-salesy” way, you will go a long way to allowing that post to stay longer.

Of course, offer an option to remove the link to the admin if necessary, but generally; if your content is not sales oriented (content marketing should’t be) then it will be fine.

Step 6.  Find Popular Questions By Others Related To The Need

Look for content marketing Questions!
Look for content marketing Questions!

In these forums, be on the lookout for great questions that you can answer in your own blogs, or your own videos.  Oftentimes, these questions are very common (aka “Evergreen” Questions) and if you answer them on your platform, that will help drive traffic to your ideas!

Step 7.  Answer These Questions Via Post in Your Platform

As I mentioned in Step 6, the idea is to look for common questions, unique situations, or other noteworthy items to share on your blog, your YouTube Channel, or other platforms, or even in a Google Hangout!

Be creative in your answers!  Some of the most common questions for my niche market are the following:

  1. How To Get Your First Wholesale Deal in 90 Days! 
  2. Seller Has To Sell Before Buying?
  3. How to Wholesale MLS Homes?
  4. How to Fill Out an Assignment Contract?
  5. How do you convert a real estate lead?

The key is to establish common-sense answers to real world problems.  By being yourself, and offering up practical solutions to those problems, you will begin to generate authority, as well as respect within that community.

Step 8.  Include Contact Forms and Specific Call To Action

Keep the conversation going by the use of free “white-paper”.  Whitepaper is simply free information that you give in exchange for a valid email address.

White Paper can be anything from E-Books, Scripts, Checklists, Free Reports, Mind Maps, Downloadable Swipe Files and more.

It is important to include a call to action!  Tell your customer what you want them to do!  If they are interested in your call to action, then they will take it!

Calls to Action needn’t be complicated.  If they are interested in what you would have to offer, it is simply a free email away, and if they hate you, then you are a simple “unsubscribe” or Junk Folder away.

So make sure that whatever you give is of some quality.  Don’t make it some cheesy item.  Always give value away with the Call To Action.  They will judge you by the quality of the experience.

Step 9.  Arrange a Splash Page Complete with AutoEmail Responder.

When I began, I started using a company called LeadPages.com and Aweber for my mail list and lead pages.  As I grew in my podcast and needs, I switched to Infusionsoft.

The purpose of this is to collect the email addresses of those who have an interest in your product or service.  Remember that “call to action” I spoke of earlier?  This is where that will come in handy!

The White Paper you have created, in conjunction with a Splash page, and automatic email responder waiting in the background, it is now time to make your pitch!

Tons of options for Email!
Tons of options for Email!

For example, if you are a person who has ever considered investing in Real Estate with no money down, no credit, and no knowledge needed; would a book explaining how to do that help you?

What if I told you that there is a method, called “assignment of contract” that will allow you to obtain interest in a home, and sell that interest prior to closing for much more than you bought it for… would doing just one of those deals a year help you?

If so, then I have two free books that I would LOVE to give you! One is called The Red Pill Script Book Version 5.0, and the other is called Sales Skills for Real Estate Investors.

These two books, along with my free podcast, will help show you a way to begin your investing career today!  Much sooner than you had hoped!

Step 10.  Fulfill Customer Needs

As you can see from the previous step, I took all the cumulative steps and made an offer to you.  If you are an Entrepreneurial Minded Realtor® or Investor, chances are, you filled out the form, and got the books.

Now, you are a potential customer of mine!  Depending on my ability to fulfill your requests and needs for information, will determine how long you stay on my list or if you ever buy from me.

From that standpoint, the “Internet Business” has simply begun!  There is a never ending requirement for new, relevant, fresh content.  There is always another provider out there vying for your customer’s attention, and thus, it is never ending.

Final Words of Advice.

As I mentioned before, I’ve had a lot of people consult with me about starting their internet business. Realtors® in particular.  If there was any piece of advice I would offer to any aspiring Internet Marketing person or businessperson, it would be this.

You Better Want it.

The reason is clear.  Once you start creating content in this Internet world of ours, like it or not, people will form a “community” around your ideas.  Either they will like them, or they will hate them.

As such, you need to take an active part in controlling the conversation about your business.  That is why I created The Red Pill Investor Group on Facebook.  So that I could gather those who are like minded and we could share an entrepreneurial vision of real estate.

Understand this… it will cost you.  I don’t know 100% that my marriage will survive this business!  I’ve devoted countless hours, endless nights, early mornings, and holidays to curate this community.

Content creation can be time consuming.  You can always delegate that out. However, for my money’s worth, my community counts on my opinions, not those of a paid writer.

Therefore, when you begin your trek into Internet Fame… understand this.  It comes with a cost.  Just like any other business, there are no easy roads, and no shortcuts.

The results are profound, and life changing.  They are worth it.  To see one of my clients who is 24 sell 17 homes his first year, and make over $135,000 makes me feel awesome!  To see others with checks for $19,000 in their hands giving credit to the community I’ve had a part in creating is truly awe inspiring.

So, best of luck; I’ve tried to give you the best advice I could.  Tell me how it goes, and I’d love to hear your story!

Have a Powerful Sales Day!


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